Traceable and regenerative Wool & Mohair Fibres for your textile supply chain

Pinnacle Fibres offers wool and mohair from South Africa for your global textile supply chain from farm to finished product – traceable and regenerative.

Who We are

Benefit from our years of experience in sourcing South African wool and mohair fibres

BKB Pinnacle Fibres was launched by BKB Limited, South Africa’s leading broker of wool and mohair, to offer a customized and transparent supply chain offering unparalleled access to the largest source of ethical wool and mohair in the world. We work directly with brands and retailers to fulfill their individual sustainable wool and mohair fibre needs.

The natural world is essential to thriving communities and well-functioning societies and we are working to continuously improve outcomes to ensure a healthy future for people and the planet together with our clients.

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A new way of doing business

Driven by purpose and fuelled through creative collaboration across the supply chain, we aim to add greater depth to the knowledge and expertise of your brand and the products you create. Just get in touch with us, and we can start connecting and identifying your sustainable wool and mohair fibre needs.

Our Pinnacle Fibres platform offers the quality assurance necessary to ensure integrity within a holistic system combining environmental, social, and animal welfare. Through partnership and collaboration, we can further bring to life a vision utilizing wool and mohair to reverse climate change.

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